Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I take issue with a lot of things in life. Granted, they are things that I probably should not take issue with.

Today's issue: My sister in law turning my G's bullying issue into a 5 page Facebook page on her experiences as a child and about how it still effects her psyche today.

You're 28. You still live at home. You don't work. You are going to college, AGAIN, after having a 5 year degree on Mommy and Daddy's dime and are usually bitching about not knowing what to do with your time or about how your dad's yelling at you to keep your 2 bedroom's clean.

At some point, GROW UP. We've all got shit. We really do. My relationship with my parents is threadbare. I'm not all "WOAH IS MEEEEEE. They won't give me money to go get diagnosed as Austisitc."

What I don't understand is how two people that shot out of the same woman's vagina and were parented relatively the same have turned out so differently. Yeah, Dave annoys the ever living fuck out of me most days but at the end of those days, he's the one that I know will be there for me to depend on. He supports this family with a job that he happened to be great at- not one that he chose. He's acknowledged his problems and is an amazing father and example to our boys.

I guess it comes down to how each individual handles what they go through in life. We'll tell L that if he keeps walking on toys that we're going to take him to the Dr and have his feet cut off or that if he keeps acting up that we're going to take him back to the circus and return him to his real parents. He just laughs at us and tells us to stop being stupid. (But still believes that we're still actually stealing his nose.) G, on the other hand, has required a therapist to get through what he's gone through this year- For fear that he was either going to eat his entire headboard or wear down his teeth gnawing on it. (But if we try to steal his nose, he slaps our hands, tells us he's not a baby anymore and asks to play Call of Duty.)

And as a mom, it's all about how you handle what your kids are going through. Had Dave's parents reacted differently to him growing up, he'd be a different person. Had his dad not had the anger issues he still exhibits today... Who knows what happens... Had I not gone through what I went through growing up, would I be so worried that I'm failing my children and one of them is going to turn out like SIL? Or worried that G is going to be the kid that takes a pipe bomb to school because he internalizes everything?

Why doesn't the manual shoot out of the vagina after the kid?

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