Monday, March 28, 2011


Took a nap after taking G to school. S didn't wake up until 10. Walk in his room to get him- and S and his crib are drenched in pee. Clean up the baby, walk into the bedroom, kick the husband. "Did you change the baby before you put him down this morning?" "No." "Fuck you. It's not like I've not asked you to do that 10 times because he keeps waking up wet."

Now, before you all get upset because I'm waking up my husband about an unchanged diaper... Let me explain. He works nights. He gets home around 1am. He plays PS3 until S wakes up. Sometimes S wants to play. Sometimes S wants to sleep. Dave stays up until about 7am, playing Playstion, AngryBirds, watching TV, porn or whatever, gets the kids ready for school and then goes to sleep until 2. He gets up and leaves for work at 3. So yes. I'm pissed about an unchanged diaper... What else does the mother fucker have to do during those 6 hours? He's not solving world hunger or the global economy, FFS. Occasionally, I get lucky and he will pick up the living room or vacuum.

And that's when he expects the panties to fly off.

Anyway, so when he woke up for real, I told him that if I ever woke up to find the baby putting a toy that was covered in pee in his mouth because Dave didn't feel like changing a diaper, I was going to pelt him in the head with pee covered items and spray him with ice water until he got up and cleaned up the mess...

I know, it's not rocket surgery. I know, we all have gripes about our significant others- But I think that changing a diaper isn't to much to ask, is it?

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