Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Quite regularly, my children come up with the most... Humorous things.

When G and L were a few years younger, they used to play super heroes. Their super power? Nipples that shot off and punched the enemy in the eye.

The title of the blog is something that L said to my MIL when he was 4, in response to something she said about my FIL. "OH, That Grandpa. He's being so silly.". "That's not silly. That's stupidity.".

L's the one who comes up with most of the gems. G catches me off guard every so often, but L... Oh, evil, little plotting L... One of his spelling words this week is GIRL. Easy peasy for L, right? You ask him to spell girl, and he'll spell it, and then all the words he can think of that rhyme with girl. Part of his assignment is to write a sentence using each of his spelling words.

For all of you who wish you have a genius child- Do yourselves a favor and stop... Because this is what your 6 year old's homework will end up looking like-

"WOW, Look at that hot girl.". Correct punctuation and all. So, in checking his homework for legibility, I come across the gem there, and nearly spit my pasta. "L! Who gave you this sentence?!".

"Mom. Who do you think? Besides, boys like hot girls.".

And my world spins madly on...

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