Friday, July 20, 2012

Quitting the internet

Like it's a fucking drug... And I'm shaking over here, tweeking, thinking "GOTTA HAVE IT! GOTTA HAVE MY PRECIOUS!!!".

One would have thought I would have been addicted to percocet well before this point.

So anyway, friends... You know where to find me. I won't be on Facebook. I won't be on Meetup (Generally). I won't be on WoW. I will be answering emails once a day and text messages sporadically. I need to step away from the phone. The laptop.

I need to stop worrying about when shit I can't control is going to happen or trying to make shit I can't control happen with people I'm not sure want it to happen with me...

Internet. Making people crazy since the Mid 90's.

I'm OFF YOU BIOTCH! (At least for a bit. ROFL. We'll see how this thing holds out.).

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